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Morning sessions give our players a fantastic benefit and platform to focus on individual skills and develop the personal needs they have.

Depending on the academic schedule, our players can have up to 3-4 morning sessions per week with the Academy coaches.

Videoing and video analyses are often used in the morning sessions to increase the value of individual skills development.

Main focus area during morning/ skills sessions:

  • develop individual on ice skills (skating, puck handling, shooting)

  • develop individual tactical skills (positional awareness)

  • large number of repetitions and focus on the correct techniques

  • pleasant environment ”pressure free” platform to work out

  • educate and instruct hockey IQ by breaking the game into parts

  • focus on small important details of the game

  • increase creativity and independency within our players

NHA on ice skills test and evaluations are done during morning/skills sessions.

On Ice Skills Training: Profil
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