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NHA seasons 2018-2020

I have played hockey in Finland and USA prior to my time with the NHA. I was skeptical about the level of play in Norway and did not know much about NHA. I’m extremely happy that I choose NHA, It helped me develop into a better player and person. My goal and dream has always been to play North American junior hockey, NCAA D1, and eventually professional hockey. I feel like NHA truly gave me the missing tools and prepared me well both on and off the ice for the next level. I was extremely fortunate to tender (sign) with the Amarillo Bulls in the NAHL right after my time in NHA. I managed to play a solid season, and committed to play NCAA division 1 hockey at Bemidji State University, which is a dream come true. I feel like NHA is a great place for motivated and hard working players to develop and become better people. I couldn’t be happier with my time at NHA and my development. THANK YOU NHA and Sam Liebkind for all your help!

20/21: NAHL Amarillo Bulls (USA)

21/22: Bemidji State University NCAA D1 (USA)



NHA seasons 2017-2020

My years with the Nordic Hockey Academy have shaped me in a major way in multiple different areas of my life. Firstly, it was an outstanding environment for me as a hockey player to develop and elevate my game from day to day. Incredibly professional coaching conditions with a lot of individual emphasis is what made that possible and is also what the staff of the NHA take so much pride in. This makes up a big reason for the results I have had and have been blessed to experience, which include a U20 World championship gold medal for my home country Austria and taking the next step in my hockey career in the US.

On a different note, my time with the NHA has impacted my life as a whole just as much, if not more. Being taught the mental side of the game and learning about other parts of life away from hockey helped me grow from a 17 year old boy into a young man at the age of 20 upon graduation.

The Academy all in all is not only about developing great hockey payers, but also great human beings, and that, in my opinion, is a very important aspect in the process of shaping young aspiring athletes to go on and have amazing careers, if it is in hockey or any other profession they might want to pursue.

-Thank you for everything NHA!

20/21: NAHL Amarillo Bulls (USA)

21/22: St. Thomas University NCAA D1 (USA)




NHA season 2020-2021

Previously to my time in NHA, I was fortunate to experience North American Academy hockey, NAHL and USHL and therefore benefitted alot to join NHA in Europe. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at NHA , the academy was filled with dedicated and motivated players and coaches all with the collective goal of development both on and off the ice. The individual player instruction and detail along with the abundance of ice time the program provided me with each and every day was extremely beneficial to my game and I feel resulted in accelerated progression for me personally. I feel NHA definitely helped me along my journey to earning an opportunity to play college hockey in the USA and I would like to thank Sam and all of my coaches and teammates at NHA for providing me with such a great experience.

21/22: Lebanon Valley College NCAA DIII (USA)