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NHA has extreme focus on developing and teaching our students as individuals and as humans to master valuable lifelong

skills to succeed in the modern, competitive world. Private life management is one of the large topics and areas we evaluate

our players as part of the individual evaluation assessment.

Here are few examples that NHA players are taught to follow and are evaluated upon:

  • Time, space and task management

  • Discipline to follow the correct nutrition plan and liquid balance

  • Managing time schedule (hockey, school and private time)

  • Planning and organizing day/week/month schedules with training, rest, private life and school work

  • Investing and organizing extra time to additional school work

  • Structure and order in private life

  • General understanding and appreciation of private life wellbeing having an impact in sport performance

In Nordic Hockey Academy we are big believers in life balance and in order to perform on a optimal level on the ice, private life

management is a vital part of comprehensive development.

Private Life Management: Profil


Private Life Management: Bild
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