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After 15 years of professional hockey coaching in several different countries including Winter Olympics and several World Championships   – I was very keen on contributing the valuable experience and knowledge after all those years to 15-20 year old high school ”student-athletes” and that's how the Nordic Hockey Academy project and philosophy was established.

Nordic Hockey Academy educational philosophy and pedagogical approach is fairly unique and therefore differs from the other existing programs today.

In Nordic Hockey Academy we strongly believe into a more comprehensive and hollistic approach in educating our athletes as individuals and as human-beings to increase the ultimate potential in each individual, instead of just as a “hockey product”.

This long-term approach and constant mental and spiritual coaching program has shown tremendous development and results in a very short time both on and off the ice.

“A well structured athlete with a professional mindset to life will also perform better on the ice as a ice hockey player”

(Sam Liebkind)

Worldwide respected Nordic “Scandinavian” spirit and pedagogical development approach is adapted into everyday working culture and training environment in the Academy.

All in all, one major goal in Nordic Hockey Academy is to develop players towards professional hockey leagues and also encourage and inspire our players to achieve competitive academic results in school in order to be able to combine high level hockey and academic career  also after high school. North American Junior hockey and College Hockey (NCAA) has been a popular path to our athletes which we also encourage our athletes and their families to look into as a great alternative to combine high level hockey and top end university education. 

With these words we encourage you to challenge yourself in life by taking the next step together with us in the Nordic Hockey Academy.

Founder/ Academy Manager

Sam Liebkind

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