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NHA educational philosophy

An international high school academy “Nordic Hockey Academy” (NHA) was established in August 2017.

Nordic Hockey Academy educational philosophy and development concept is unique and  represents a

modern pedagogical approach towards educating future ice hockey players.

The first NHA Alumni students who started the program in August 2017 created following sloguns to describe

the true values of the program.    #start unknown-finish unforgettable»    #familyfirst     #makethedifference

Nordic Hockey Academy philosophy in a nutshell stands for following values and visions:

Nordic "Scandinavian":

Modern and well structured educational philosophy and pedagogical approach to educate people. 

More focus and resources on developing and investing into the individual “as a person” not just as a

“hockey product” and that way increase the ultimate potential in each individual. Importance in correct

self image and patience for long-term development plan and correct daily habits to achieve good results.


Highly educated coaching staff with international hockey experience and knowledge. Pedagogical degree

and competence to educate and guide future athletes. Modern and professional development plan

that includes all major areas in prime hockey development:

  • Off ice training (Strength and conditioning)

  • On ice training (Team)

  • On ice training (Individual Skills per position)

  • Mental and Mindfulness Training

  • Game Performance and competition

  • Private Life Management

Vision to educate and develop our athletes to reach international top hockey level as well as motivate them to

continue their academic career.


Exclusive program, which is targeted for players who understand and respect the importance of academic education

and combining that with professional sports. Cooperation with different school options for our athletes to graduate

from high school.  Ice hockey, like any sport, is a lifestyle rather than just a hobby or spare time activity and therefore

our goal is to educate ice hockey as a profession with a comprehensive “life school” philosophy that our athletes may

benefit for the rest of their lives.

All in all, one major focus of our program is to develop players towards professional hockey leagues but also encourage

and support our players to achieve good results in school in order to be able to combine hockey and studying also after

high school.

With these words we encourage you to challenge yourself in life and take the next step together with us.

Education and Philosophy: Profil
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