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Hockey Puck & Stick


Our vision is to maintain a modern and healthy balance between training (development work) and competition (playing games).  In NHA we believe in modern and high intensity transition hockey to dictate the game tempo and puck possession time.

According to our long-term development philosophy, we also coach our team to a 4 line rhythm and system to learn the important principals of fast and modern hockey.

Due to the international environment and development philosophy within NHA – our players are taught towards  international hockey to understand and master a more comprehensive style of hockey (a modern mix of European and North American hockey).

We follow individual and team statistics from each game as well as video tape games to a online archive for further analyzing. Each individual receives feedback of his performance right after each game. Following statistics are evaluated and provided to our players:

  • Puck possession time (if needed)

  • Game time

  • 1 on 1 battles (win/ lose)

  • Turnovers in different zones

  • Blocked shots

  • Physical plays (take/ give)

  • Face off efficiency in each zone ( left/right side)

  • Shooting accuracy and efficiency

  • +/- efficiency

  • Penalty minutes

  • Winning % (home/ away)

  • Special Units efficiency (PP/ PK, SHGA, SHGF, SO)

  • Goals and assists 

  • SV % in different periods  (GK)

  • Winning % (home/ away GK)

  • Shot-outs (GK)

  • Shoot out efficiency % (GK)

Game Performance: Profil
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