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Strength and conditioning training and physical development is one of the major focus areas through out the Academy education but especially important for the first two years in the NHA U18 program in order to proceed towards the U20 program and finally to senior ice hockey.

Strength and conditioning program is carefully designed to develop the abilities modern hockey players need to perform. 

Full team is attached into a video coaching software (app) where performances can be easily evaluated, commented and shared within the group and individuals.  Academy players are educated to understand and follow their heart rate, threshold levels and abilities to recover as well as the importance and value of proper muscle/ body activation (warm up) and rehabilitation and recovery process to avoid injuries (cool down). 

Players work in pairs and follow a “20 C” development concept also during the off ice training.

NHA philosophy and educational development concept also includes 10 different off ice habits that each individual shall learn and master during his NHA education.

Physical testing and ability evaluation are done annually in Autumn- Winter- Spring and Summer.

Physical Training: Profil
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