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Top athletes in all sports must have a proper balance between active training, rest and nutrition. Too many hockey programs lack in providing good enough nutrition and accommodation facilities for their players which has a direct impact on their comprehensive development. Players do not have the time, energy nor competence to maintain quality nutrition only on their own.

Therefore, Nordic Hockey Academy’s one priority is to secure the development triangle with proper accommodation facilities, correct healthy and nutritious athletes diet and sufficient rest and recovery. In the start of the season all NHA players are instructed and coached the main principals of correct and healthy nutrition, proper living habits and rhythm in sleeping and rest.  

NHA players are accommodated in two person housing to learn valuable life and social skills and increasing the team dynamics.

All NHA players are taught the important daily living habits ”life skills” in order to maintain and increase the overall living comfort as well as  structure in their lives.

Task, time and space management are major priorities to teach to our athletes in order to become a 24/7 professional athlete, where accommodation, proper nutrition and rest are key factors of functional private life management. 

Accommodation and Nutrition: Profil


60m2 apartment with two separate bedrooms and bathrooms

Accommodation and Nutrition: Bild

Custom made kitchen to serve the needs

Accommodation and Nutrition: Willkommen

Bedrooms have also good closet space

Accommodation and Nutrition: Bild
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